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About me: Hey Guys! My name is Julia and I am currently a business student at UNO. I am obsessed with weird things like peanut butter and korean dramas, but I am also a fan of normal things like reading and fitness. If you need help in your studies, or if you just wanna talk I'm here for you! ^.^

Experience: When it comes to English, I have a little experience with helping my friends proofread their papers and essays. Generally speaking, I have always been fairly good when it comes to writing essays and papers so I can definitely help you out if you need a second opinion on things. For Statistics, I have actually only had one semester of it but while I am usually not a fan of math, I am actually very good at Stats. I got an A on all my exams last semester and I still remember how to do a few things so I can be of assistance to you if you need a few pointers! Any questions? My door is always open!

University of New Orleans New Orleans, LA, United States


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