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Computer Science graduate student (M.Sc) at Simon Fraser University. My research area is Natural Language Processing in which we develop Machine Learning method...

Simon Fraser University

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Linux Algorithms and Data Structures Operating Systems SFU CMPT 120 Introduction To Computing Science And Programming I SFU CMPT 125 Introduction To Computing Science And Programming II SFU CMPT 126 Introduction To Computing Science And Programming SFU CMPT 127 Computing Laboratory SFU CMPT 128 Introduction to Computing Science for Engineering Students SFU CMPT 130 Introduction To Computer Programming I SFU CMPT 129 Introduction to Computing Science and Programming for Mathematics and Statist


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Owens M.

Am a committed tutor and respectful in all my endeavours. I like sharing my expansive wealth of knowledge and expertise with students all over.

University of Phoenix

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Econometrics ECO 321 His 101 European History up to 1648 High School Mathematics Math 7 8 9 10 11 12 Intro to Professional Nursing NS110 English ENG 101 Political Science POL 101 Linear Algebra MAT 342 Health and Medicine 101 Intro World History HIST 1110 Critical Writing About Literature ENGL 3100


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