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Ehsan F.

Ehsan F.

I have graduated with double major in Electrical and Computer Engineering and currently pursuing my M.S in Electrical Engineering-Signal processing both from UC...

University of California Davis, Diablo Valley College

Tutoring rate: $60.00 $1.00 /hour /minute

Prealgebra MATH 1001 Algebra 1 McGill MATH 235 Algebra 2 Trigonometry Geometry Precalculus 11 Precalculus 12 Pre Calculus Calculus Differential Calculus UBC math 100 math 104 math 180 math 184


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Becky G.

Becky G.

I love helping others! I love school and anything that has to do with learning. I am also a skier and an avid athlete. I am actually in the process of becomin...

Becker College

Tutoring rate: $15.00 $0.25 /hour /minute

Precalculus (MATH 2001) Algebra (ALG1001) Prealgebra (MATH 1001) High School Biology High School Chemistry Science Math Algebra Basic Math Basic Science


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