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Yasser A.

Yasser A.

I grew up in a firmly bilingual family in Lebanon, where I attended the Lebanese American University, majoring in Economics and minoring in mathematics. I gradu...

Lebanese American University, Toulouse School of Economics

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Calculus I MTH101 Calculus II MTH102 Calculus III MTH201 Linear Algebra MTH301 Differential Equations MTH304 Intermediate Microeconomics ECO305 Intermediate Macroeconomics ECO306 Econometrics ECO332 Monetary Theory and Policy ECO420 Public Finance ECO422


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Hi, my name is Amaka, I have a Bsc in Economics and I am also a chartered accountant. I’ve been a professional tutor for more than 4 years.

University of Nigeria Nsukka

Tutoring rate: $25.00 $0.42 /hour /minute

Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory ECON 305 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory ECON 302 Economics of Money Banking ECON 3371 Monetary Theory and Policy ECO420 International Economics ECO335 Business Maths maths economics Public Finance ECO422 Basic Math Algebra Introduction to Statistics and Probability


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