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Ethan T.

Ethan T.

Hi!!!!1 Oops sorry for the lack of formality. But… too much formality is boring! I’m Ethan Tang and I tutor math or statistics at a college and university...

University of British Columbia (Vancouver), University Of British Columbia (Okanagan)

Tutoring rate: $35.00 $0.58 /hour /minute

Differential Calculus UBC UBCO math 100 math 102 math 104 math 180 math 184 Integral Calculus UBC UBCO math 101 math 103 math 105 Finite Mathematics UBCO math 111 Calculus I UBCO math 116 Pre Calculus UBC math 002 UBCO math 125 Basic Mathematics: An Aboriginal Prespective UBCO math 126 Calculus II UBCO math 142 Calculus III UBC UBCO math 200 Mathematical Proof UBC UBCO 220 Matrix Algebra UBC UBCO 221


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