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Christopher C.

Christopher C.

Hi! I grew up on Long Island, NY. I attended Stony Brook University for my Undergraduate college, and majored in Mathematics, Economics, and minored in Compute...

Georgetown University, Stony Brook University

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Int. Microeconomic Theory/ECO 303 U.S. Class Structure/ECO 316 Modes of Being/HON 116 Logic, Language and Proof/MAT 200 Introduction to Linear Algebra/MAT 211 Calculus IV with Applications/MAT 303 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory/ECO 305 Calculus III with Applications/MAT 203 Survey in Developmental Psychology/PSY 220 Game Theory/ECO 355


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Samuel A.

Samuel A.

I am a proficient and resourceful tutor with a degree in Economics and Finance. I managed a Second Upper Division classification. This has enabled me to become ...

Kenyatta University

Tutoring rate: $30.00 $0.50 /hour /minute

Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory ECO 305 Microeconomics Eco 207 Intermediate Microeconomics ECO 207 Introduction to Microeconomics ECO 100 Money Credit and Banking ECON 357 Principles of Economics ECO 108 Introduction to Microeconomics ECO 100 Statistics Data Analysis for Economists ECO 202 Corporate Finance ECO 389 Game Theory ECO 355


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