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Imayan S.

Imayan S.

I'm a first year medicine student at UBC who has tutored dozens of first and second year undergraduate students.

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MICB 202 Introductory Medical Microbiology and Immunology Biology 112 BIOL 112 BIOL 121 Ecology Genetics and Evolution BIOL 121 BIOL 121 Genetics Evolution and Ecology BIOL 112 Biology of the Cell Chemistry Chem 123 Physical and Organic Chemistry CHEM 121 Structural Chemistry with Application to Chemistry of the Elements


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Herman K.

Herman K.

I am a 4th year student at UBC, majoring in Integrated Sciences in Physiology and Microbiology. I did really well in first year physics and chemistry and second...

UBC Alma Mater Society

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PHYS 101 PHYS 102 CHEM 121 CHEM 123 BIOL 112 BIOL 121 BIOL 200 BIOC 202 BIOC 302 Science


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