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Randall B.

About me: As a teaching and a private tutor, I see my job is to assist students in achieving their personal academic and professional goals. I especially take pleasure in the fact that I can focus in on their unique area of need and that through that I can help them to discover the specific way they can approach and solve whatever it is they need help with. Nothing gives me more gratification than knowing I have empowered a student to realize their greater talents and abilities.

Personally I have a passion for all kinds of movies, music, and novels. I love creative writing, traveling, and unusual food.

Experience: Since 1993 I have taught students of various ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. The majority were current graduates or undergraduates. Over the years I have mainly taught test preparation skills (TOEFL, ACT, etc.), but I have also helped students with writing papers, analyzing journal articles, and the skills needed for giving speeches or conducting debates.

I have also earned two graduate degrees from universities in the UK. I have an MA in Applied Linguistics and a PhD in Film Studies. In addition to the knowledge I gained, I have been trained in the rigors of research and commitment.

Bournemouth University Freeland, WA, United States


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