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Pay Petersen
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About me: I completed a Bachelor of Math at the University of Waterloo in 2013, and am currently a PhD candidate at McMaster University. I believe in self-directed learning, and prefer to let the student lead the tutoring sessions. Usually that means the student comes either set of notes to read through or an assignment to work on, and I am there as a resource to answer questions or explain concepts; however, I am open to doing whatever the student thinks will be most helpful.

Experience: I have nearly 10 years of tutor and TA experience, as well as a love of math and learning. As a TA, I have taught tutorials and held office hours in linear algebra, differential and integral calculus, and basic programming in python. As a tutor, I have helped students with linear algebra, calculus, pre-calculus, abstract algebra, and introductory topology.

Columbia University, Herat University, McMaster University South Africa Street, Tembisa, South Afri


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