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About me: I love helping and tutoring kids in everything from math to engineering. As a kid, I always pestered my little sister to learn from my tidbit tutorials that I offered to her, where I pretty much simplified hard-to-learn concepts for easier understanding. It makes life so much easier; she didn't know it at the time, but, now she considers me a goddess of easy learning. I hope you do too! :)The two things that I absolutely adore and enjoy in life are: Robots and Programming!

Experience: I am a Robotics Engineering enthusiast with interests in Artificial Intelligence and Human-Robot Interaction. For that matter, I am currently pursuing a joint BS/MS degree program in Robotics Engineering and Computer Science.Robotics Engineering is an amalgamation of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Having said that, I am skilled at basic physics and calculus, as well as control engineering, static systems, algorithms, object oriented programming, digital circuit design, embedded systems and software development. I also have experience in the actuation, sensing, manipulation and navigation of robots.I have worked as a Research Assistant Intern on campus where I had the opportunity to substantiate the physical implementation of a virtual agent using an emotionally expressive robot named Reeti. While researching and documenting in the process, I was responsible for developing a face tracking module for the robot in 3D and the virtual agent in 2D. I also had the opportunity to go abroad all the way to China for a major qualifying project, where I worked with Chinese students on a Wi-Fi based wheelchair project. This project was sponsored by a local company in China, which was responsible for developing educational robotics platforms for over 500 academies across the country. I personally redesigned the user interface of the Android application used to control the wheelchair. I also added a speed regulation system to the wheelchair as well as developed a GPS navigation system.Listed below are some of my relevant skills and platforms that I have worked on:Programming Languages: C/C++, C#, Java, Arduino, Scheme/Racket, Lua, Python, UrbiScriptNumerical Computing Applications: MATLAB, SimulinkComputer-Aided Design Software: SolidWorks 2011Software Design Applications: IAR Embedded Workbench, Eclipse, MS Visual StudioSource Control Software: Github, SubversionOperating Systems: Windows, Linux, Robot Operating System (ROS), Android OSDatabase Management: MySQLForeign Languages: Hindi, Gujarati, UrduSo, overall I have had a diverse set of experiences that I am willing to use to help others in the community. Together, with robotics, we can help make the world a better place to live in.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, MA, United States


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