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Latest questions from students

Question on Braess’s paradox

I have the question and the answer i missed this class so i m don't understand the answer....

2 Answers Budget: $12 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Game Theory


Mary Andrews is organizing a special outdoors show on August 5. The earnings will depend on the weather. If it rains on that day, the show w...

2 Answers Budget: $40 Deadline: Tomorrow Subjects: Linear Programming, Database Management Systems, Business, Microsoft Excel

Short assignments/practice activities

I have some assignments/activities involving the use of excel spreadsheet that need to be finished within the week - I need someone who know...

2 Answers Budget: $40 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Statistics/Excel Spreadsheets, Statistics/Excel Spreadsheets


6 page double space essay on NCR case Select your case carefully. You will need to discuss at least four of the five topics below: (1) Inte...

4 Answers Budget: $38 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Psychology and Law PSYC 3310

preparing for final


Budget: $30 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: CHG 1125, CHG 1125

I'm preparing for a genetics exam.

I need help understanding the content for my BIOL 2107 class (Fundamentals of Genetics) for the upcoming exam....

1 Answers Budget: $20 Deadline: Next two weeeks Subjects: Genetics, Genetics


I need an urgent tutor in health economics and epidemiology...

4 Answers Subjects: Economics

computer science

need urgent help with computer science assignemnt...

1 Answers Budget: $10 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Computer Progromming Python

I'm preparing for my high school final

I need help with Chemistry 12 and Pre-Calc 12, I'm looking for a tutor 2 days a week for about 2 hours....

1 Answers Budget: $25 Deadline: Recurring sessions Subjects: Pre Calculus, High School Chemistry

Three-State Markov Jump Process

Working on Three-State markov jump process on the el nino southern oscillation...

Budget: $50 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Advanced Math

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