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Latest questions from students

Hello! I'm working on the Basic Corporate Finance final

I need someone to help me with rates in finance (basic maths) and to then help me tackle the multitude of examples that I have to do before ...

2 Answers Budget: $25 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Corporate Finance, Finance

I’m writing a case study

I’m doing educational psychology 351 from athabasca university. I need help in writing a case study...

Budget: $29 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Psychology, Psychology

Data nalysis

I have some questions about using macros and writing code...

1 Answers Budget: $40 Deadline: Next two weeeks Subjects: SAS Programming

Rational functions and chemistry:

vertical/horizontal asymptote, end behaviours, domain and range, comparison of graphed functions and their reciprocal, graphing the function...

2 Answers Budget: $20 Deadline: Tomorrow Subjects: Advanced functions and chemistry, Advanced functions and chemistry


I need help answering questions In 1998, while they were doctoral students at Stanford University, Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded Googl...

1 Answers Budget: $10 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Organizational Behaviour

ac, op amps, transistors

I need help with AC, Transistors, Op amps, and power supplies....

1 Answers Budget: $37 Deadline: Tomorrow Subjects: Electric Circuits

I’m preparing for 2 upcoming Engineering Statics tests and a final exam

I need help with homework assignments from the textbook....

2 Answers Budget: $30 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Engineering Statics, Mechanical Engineering

probability assignment

I'm working on a probability assignment and could use some tutoring to help me get through it....

4 Answers Budget: $60 Deadline: End of week Subjects: Intro statistics, Intro statistics

Just one question about the future of finance

I just need one short answer for the question. Describe one aspect that you think is important in the future of finance and how would you li...

3 Answers Budget: $20 Deadline: Tomorrow Subjects: Finance, English, Wiritng

An Essay

What could be a possible bias of evidences obtained from experimental studies in general? and in particular, experimental studies that used ...

5 Answers Budget: $30 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Economics

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