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Nick B.

About me: I'm a fourth year International Relations major at the University of British Columbia. My research interests lie in the realm of IR theory, but expand to other areas such as conflict studies, terrorism, Canadian politics, and etc. I am very passionate and knowledgeable about my field of study, and enjoy discussing and teaching about it.

I am available to tutor directly on the fields of politics or IR, but can also be very helpful in any field requiring research, essay writing, or the like. Get at me with any brainstorming, editing, or conceptual questions you've got!

Experience: My relevant course experience ranges from introductory politics to senior-level conflict seminars and theory-intensive courses. I am an experienced and proven researcher, writer and editor, having achieved a 3.90 GPA in addition to published works.

My published works include a piece titled "State Centrism and the Conceptualization of War" in the Southern California International Review (vol. 6, no. 1). At a provincial arts advocacy organization I was the lead researcher and co-author of a comprehensive policy framework directed toward the Government of BC in order to direct provincial policy.

University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC, Canada


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