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Receive a Subsidy

McMaster undergrad students who find a tutor in our network pay only $10 (USD) per hour; you will be provided with a coupon code to subsidize the rest of the tutoring fee. (To receive this coupon, you must email

Note: Only one coupon may be used for each tutoring hour, and students may redeem a maximum of five coupons per semester. 

Engineering Subsidy

The McMaster Engineering Society (MES) provides an extra subsidy to Engineering students who are tutored by an MES tutor. MES tutors can be identified by the red MES logo (fireball) and notation that appear on their profile. Students in Engineering, B.Tech. and Computer Science pay only $5 (USD) per hour of tutoring. To receive the $13 MES subsidy, please email and indicate which coupon you are requesting. Note: Only one coupon may be used for each tutoring hour, and students using the MES subsidy may redeem a maximum of 10 coupons per semester.

Note: Tutoring fees are listed as $18 (USD) per hour, due to the commission fee taken from HelpHub. The subsidy will cover both this commission fee and the tutoring coupon.

Now Recruiting Tutors!

Why Become a Tutor?

  • Gain teaching and leadership experience
  • Help other McMaster students
  • Receive professional training on tutoring and leadership
  • Improve your own grades and content knowledge
  • Add skills and experience to your resume and grad school applications
  • Earn money! Tutors earn $15 USD for every hour of tutoring

Tutor Qualifications

Tutors are required to have successfully completed the course(s) they would like to tutor with a grade of at least a B+ (9 on McMaster's 12-point scale). Note: Tutors who are part of the MES tutor network must have earned at least a 10 in the course they wish to tutor. You must provide a transcript showing your final grade. 

Experience tutoring or mentoring other students is not a requirement but will help you be an effective tutor!

How to Apply:

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, send the following information to

Full name (example: Firstname Lastname):

McMaster email (example:

Course you want to tutor (example: PSYCH 1X03):

You will also need to provide an unofficial transcript which shows your final grades for the courses you wish to tutor. Please cover up (e.g., using black marker) any unnecessary information, including your student number, address, birthdate, and grades for courses you do not wish to tutor. We need only your name and necessary grades. You can provide your transcript by email, or in person at Gilmour Hall 110. 

Notice of Collection of Personal Information

The information gathered on this form is collected under the authority of The McMaster University Act, 1976. The information is used only for the purposes of administering the Student Success Centre's Academic Skills service and, on occasion, for statistical purposes. Personal student information provided will not be used for any unrelated purpose without the consent of the student. This information is protected and is being collected pursuant to section 39(2) and section 42 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of Ontario (RSO 1990). Questions regarding this collection or use of this personal information should be directed to the Manager, Student Development, Student Success Centre, Gilmour Hall, Room 110, McMaster University. 

For complete details of the McMaster University Policy on the Collection of Personal Information please visit

The McMaster Peer Tutoring Network is an initiative made possible by the Student Life Enhancement Fund

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Math 1ZA3Math 1ZB3MATH 1ZC3ENGINEER 1D04ECON 1B03MathSciencePHYSICS 1D03MATH 2Z03CalculusChem 1E03ENGINEER 1C03Chem 1AA3ProgrammingCHEM 1A03AlgebraPhysics 1E03ECON 1BB3Linear AlgebraMath 2ZZ3MATLS 1M03PhysicsBasic MathPythonDifferential CalculusMATH 1LS3PHYSICS 1A03Applied MathPSYCH 1XX3JavaPSYCH 1X03ChemistryBasic ScienceBiologyStatisticsTrigonometryAdvanced MathMATH 1B03ENGINEER 1P03CMATH 1A03ENG 1D04CHEM 2OA3MatlabCLASSICS 2MT3ENGTECH 1CP3GeometryTest PrepReadingSTATS 3Y03ENGTECH 1PH3 ENG 1C03ENGTECH 1MC3ENGTECH 1CH3 EnglishCOMPENG 2SH4Materials ScienceStats 2B03BIOLOGY 1A03Pre CalculusLanguagesELEC ENG 2EI5MATH 1M03HumanitiesBusinessECON 2X03ELEC ENG 2CJ4MATH 1LT3 MEDPHYS 1E03English as a Second LanguageBIO 1M03ENGTECH 1MT3BiochemistryELEC ENG 2FH3CHEM 2OB3WritingMATH 2FM3MATH 1ZC3 Engineering Mathematics II B Linear AlgebraConversationAccountingPre AlgebraELECENG 2CJ4Essay WritingProofreadingMATH 1AA3Phys 1E03COMP ENG 2DI4ELECENG 2CI5MATH 2X03ENGINEER 2B03Health and MedicinePhys 1D03BIOCHEM 2EE3 ELECENG 2FH3EconomicsSTATS 2D03 COMPENG 2DI4FRENCH 1A06ENGTECH 1EL3 BIOLOGY 1M03ANTHROP 1AA3 MATH 2R03 BIO 1A03ENGTECH 1AC3 COMPENG 2SI4ENGINEER 2MM3 COMPSCI 1MD3PHILOS 1B03BIOTECH 2GT3 CIVENG 2A03 COMMERCE 1AA3MATH 2ZZ3 Engineering Mathematics IVFrenchMicroeconomicsENGTECH 1PR3ELEC ENG 2CI5BIOTECH 2CB3 COMMERCE 1BA3 PHYSICS 1CC3 PHYSICS 1E03 Waves Electricity and Magnetic FieldsBIOCHEM 3G03Econ 2H03LiteratureMacroeconomicsPSYCH 1F03 COMP ENG 2SI4Earth SciencePHYSICS 1C03 MandarinCOMMERCE 2QA3ECON 2G03KINESIOL 2Y03 Commerce 2MA3CMST 1A03PronunciationMATH 2C03COMMERCE 2FA3JavascriptMATH 1C03 ENGLISH 1A03BIOTECH 2OC3 ELECENG 2EI5MATH 3FM3HTHSCI 3I03ENGTECH 2MA3GENTECH 1CS3KIN 2Y03 CIVENG 2B04VocabularyMath 1ZB3 Engineering Mathematics IIBIOPHYS 1S03 Math 1X03 HTHSCI 1DT3GrammarECON 2X03 Intermediate MicroeconomicsCHEMENG 2F04MECH ENG 2A03HTHSCI 2FF3HTMLENG 1P03PHYSICS 1AA3COMMERCE 2AB3BIOTECH 2BC3 MATERIALS 1M03BIOTECH 3FM3 COMPSCI 1XA3PNB 2XA3PHYSICS 1D03 Introductory MechanicsGENTECH 1CZ3BIOLOGY 2A03MATH 4FM3PHILOS 2CT3 Adobe Creative CloudCOMP ENG 3SK3MECHENG 2W04Math 3I03MECH ENG 2B03STATS 1L03BIOTECH 2M03 COMMERCE 1B03 MUSIC 1A03ENGPHYS 2NE3CHEM ENG 2G03COMPSCI 1JC3MATH 2Z03 Engineering Mathematics III ODEsKIN 2YY3 COMPSCI 2XA3ELEC ENG 3PI4ELECENG 3CL4Physics ENGTECH 1PH3ECON 2B03ElecEng 3TP4MECH ENG 2Q04ELECENG 3TQ4BIO 2C03 HLTHAGE 2L03 BIOLOGY 2B03Design and Graphics (ENGINEER 1C03)MATH 1XX3 ASTRON 1F03MATH 1ZA3 Engineering Mathematics IMATH 1ZC3 Engineering Mathematics II BLIFESCI 2N03ENG TECH 1MC3PSYCH 2B03ENGTECH 1BI3 ENG 2B03LING 1AA3KINESIOL 1AA3PNB 2XE3CIVENG 2P04PHYSICS 2C03ELEC ENG 3TR4ECON 1B03 MicroeconomicsMECHENG 2P04MATH 2XX3 Molecular and Cell Biology BIOLOGY 1A03MECH ENG 2D03FinanceMATH 1AA3 Calculus For Science IIHLTHAGE 1CC3 PHYSICS 1B03Math 1ZB3 Engineering Mathematics II CalculusLIFESCI 2A03BIOTECH 2EC3 COMP ENG 2DP4CHEM ENG 2F04KINESIOL 1A03PNB 2XC3ECON 2HH3COMMERCE 1AA3 Intro to AccountingPolitical ScienceBIO 3DD3IELTSELEC ENG 3TP4ENGINEER 1D04 Engineering ComputationMATH 1A03 Calculus For Science IBIOTECH 3IV3 MATH 1ZA3 Engineering Mathematics ICIVENG 2C04PhilosophyCHEM 1E03 Introductory Chem for EngineersSTATS 2MB3LING 1A03EnvironmentalCHEM ENG 2O04ECON 1BO3PNB 2XB3HTHSCI 2A03PSYCH 2E03 ECON 2GG3CommunicationCHEMENG 2O04BIOLOGY 2C03ENGTECH 1ME3COMP ENG 2SH4CIVENG 2E03HTHSCI 2F03MECH ENG 2C04ENGPHYS 2E04 ELEC 2CI5Construction ManagementLIFE SCI 2A03 STATS 3A03ENGTECH 1CZ3 CMST 2B03HTHSI 2F03BIOTECH 1BI3 HTH SCI 2G03MECH 2D03 MUSIC 1AA3MECHENG 4Q03 MATH 1B03 Linear Algebra IPSYCH 1X03- Fall term Psychology Neuroscience and BehaviourELEC ENG 3EJ4RubyCHEM ENG 2D04Social Welfare SOCWORK 2B03Calculus (MATH 1ZA3 Engineering Mathematics I)HISTORY 1DD3 Mech 2W04HTHSCI 1I06ELEC ENG 2CJ4 Circuits and SystemsENGLISH 2I06Calculus for Math and Stats II MATH 1XX3ELECENG 3FH3MANTECH 3LS3 Quality Control Assurance MethodHTHSCI 2G03ELECENG 2C15PSYCH 2AP3 Electricity and Electronics (ENGTECH 1EL3)ENVIRSC 3UR3 BIOTECH 2BO3 POLSCI 3VV3COMP SCI 1MD3 NURSING 2AA3Calculus for Math and Stats II MATH 1XX3COMMERCE 1E03 JAPANESE 1Z06MATH 1MP3Anomaly Detection, Genetic Algos, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NeuralNets, Data AnalysC++ Programming ENGTECH 1CP3Intro Psychology Neuroscience Behaviour PSYCH 1X03CHEM ENG 3K04MATH 1F03Introduction to Psychology PSYCH 1X03KINESIOL 2A03Manegerial Finance 3FA3Cell and Molecular Biology BIOLOGY 2B03ELECENG 3PI4C Programming ENGTECH 1CP3ANTHRO 1AB3Mechanics (PHYS 1D03)INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY I CHEM 1A03SFWRTECH 3RQ3COMPSCI 2S03BIOTECH 3BO3 SFWRENG 2XA3 Organic Chemistry II CHEMBIO 2OB3Biology 12 SBI4UKINESIOL 1Y03ENG TECH 1CP3 Adobe PhotoshopEARTH ENVIR SCI GEOG 2EI3CIV ENG 2A03Math 1MC3COMEERCE 1AA3Social Psychology PSYCH 2C03ElecEng 3BA3LIFESCI 3AA3 CHEMENG 2D04SpanishNeuroanatomy & Neurophysiology PNB 2XB3MECH ENG 3A03MATLS 3E04BIO 2D03Electricity and MagnetismENGINEER 1DO4BIOLOGY 3U03 COMP 2SH4Dutch LanguageSTATS 3D03ENGTECH 1CS3 CMST 2C03GENTECH 3MT3 SOCPSY 2YY3HTH SCI 2FF3MECH 2A03 ENG 3N03 PHYSICS 1E03 Waves Electricity and Magnetic FieldsGEOG 3HH3NURSING 3PA2BAnti Oppressive Perspectives SOCWORK 2BB3Calculus (Math 1ZB3 Engineering Mathematics II)GLOBALZN 1A03 Mech 3o04ELEC ENG 2CI5 Intro to ELEC ENGCalculus for Math and Stats I MATH 1X03INDIGST 1AA3ENGTECH 3ML3 Strength of MaterialStatistical Methods for Science STATS 2B03ENG 2P04ECON 1B03PSYCH 1NN3 ELEC 2CJ4CHEMBIO 2P03BIO 3JJ3 HLTHAGE 1AA3CHEMBIO 2OA3 ENG TECH 1ME3NURSING 2A04Calculus for Math and Stats I MATH 1X03MATH 1ZA3 Engineering Mathematics ICIVENG 2I03ECON 3D03C++ (sfml), C, Java, Ruby (on rails), Verilog, VHDL, Assembly, Matlab(Simulink), Maple(MapEngineering Design and Graphics (ENGINEER 1C03)NURSING 1J02/1IO2Linear ProgrammingMECHENG 3C03Advanced Functions Introductory Calculus MATH 1K03CHEM ENG 3D03CHEM 2OD3HEALTH AGING 1BB3LINGUIST 1AA3Problems of Philosophy PHILOS 1E03KINESIOL 3AA3Introduction to Finance 2FA3Introductory Chemistry II CHEM 1AA3LING 2PS3MATH 2ZZ3PSYCH 4Y03Introduction to C++ Programming (ENGTECH 1CP3)SFWRTECH 3OS3 COMPSCI 2ME3GENTECH 2MP3 SFWRENG 2DM3 Organic Chemistry I CHEMBIO 2OA3Chemistry 12 SCH4UMHF4U