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About me: Hi! My name is Kristen Maria-Julianna Pajkowski. I'm 18 and I'm a standing sophomore at Stony Brook University, where I'm studying for a B.A. in Linguistics. I'm proficient in English and Spanish and am happy to tutor in both. I'm passionate about languages and writing. I also love to travel and help other people! I've been on several missions trips, including ones to Mexico and Nicaragua. Currently, I'm considering going on the speech pathology track

Experience: I am mostly experienced in the language arts, writing, and linguistics. However, I can also help with algebra, biology, and history. I took AP exams for both American and World History, both of which I received college credit for. I have no formal experience tutoring as of yet, but I have helped friends and family in all of these areas. My main areas of expertise are of course linguistics and Spanish, as I can speak Spanish very well and linguistics is my main course of study.

Stony Brook University Stony Brook, NY, United States


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