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Katherine A.

About me: I am a 19-year-old millennial who has extensive knowledge in journalism, media, and communications and plans to graduate from New York University in 2018. As Founder and CEO of online magazine and blog, Her Culture (, I have spearheaded multiple projects, lead a group of over 40 women from across the globe, developed programs for cultural awareness, and received several accolades for my contributions to the local female community. I was recently selected as one of Business Insider's "24 Most Impressive High School Graduates" in 2014.

Experience: In high school, I tutored fellow students and younger students alike in most common subjects such as: math (algebra, basic math), English (grammar, literature, spelling), Science (earth science, biology), History (US History, European History, basic global history), Languages (basic and intermediate Italian), and Reading. I have a 3.7 GPA at NYU, and graduated high school with honors having completed 8 Advanced Placement courses.

I have tutored special education students with specialized educational programs in English and Math, as well as developed memorization tools for these students.

New York University New York, NY, United States


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