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Janice F.

About me: I'm currently a PhD student in Political Science at University of Michigan. I received MA from University of Victoria majoring in Political Science. I received my BA from University of Alberta in Political Science and Philosophy with distinction in 2014. I have well rounded knowledge and skills in all subjects in social sciences and humanities. I am more than happy to help students with essay prep, essay writing, doing research and preparing for exams. I also have expertise in standard tests (GRE, SAT, etc.) and am able to tutor students in that regard. Feel free to contact me!

Experience: I have received official training at University of Victoria. I have been teaching assistant for various Political Science courses at Uvic and have provided students with extensive help in essay writing, exams, and research. I have also tutored various subjects, including Political Science, History, English, ESL, Social Studies, and Philosophy.

University of Alberta, University of Victoria Ann Arbor, MI, United States


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