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About me: I am a recent mechanical engineering grad from Vancouver, BC. I also have a degree in Chemistry. However, I am mostly an applied math and data science nerd.

I work as a data scientist in the financial industry. I tutor in my spare time because I love and enjoy demystifying math. It also helps me sharpen my communication skills which is critical for my professional development. I have tutored university courses (mostly math) for 7+ years. I have also tutored UBC engineering graduate students for programming projects.


Experience: I have worked on various mathematical modelling projects for L.B. Foster and West Fraser. I have done a total of 32 presentations (39 hours) on topics in statistics, machine learning and data driven modelling for engineering professionals and senior management.

L.B. Foster:
- Data driven modelling and simulation tools for train wheel wear using MATLAB.
- Custom FEA add-on development in C++

West Fraser:
- Statistical quality control, multivariate statistics
- Machine learning for fault detection and diagnosis
- ANN models

University of British Columbia Toronto, ON, Canada


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