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COMM 217/ ACCO 230 Final Crash Course

COMM 217 Financial Accounting An overview of the theories and practices involved with measuring and reporting the financial information of a...

Subjects: ACCO-230, COMM-217

rosoni Tutored by rosoni

2MA3 Weekly Tutorial for spring course

I will be holding weekly tutorials for 2MA3for this spring course. In this tutorial I will go over the materials that you guys take in class...

Subjects: ENGTECH2MA3

Fangyi_L Tutored by Fangyi_L

ACT Reading

Everything students need to know for the ACT Reading portion. This extensive session will cover what needs to be done to improve your score.

Subjects: ACT Exam Prep

ARaju4 Tutored by ARaju4

Techniques to memorise the names of the Muscle, Origin, Insertion and Function easily.

If you are one of the students who can not remember the names of the muscles, origin, insertion and functions then this session is for you b...

Subjects: Anatomy

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Subjects: English

aionna Tutored by aionna

Introduction to Trigonometry - Radian Measure

Many students struggle with the unit on trigonometry because they did not fully grasp the introduction to radian measure. In this session, ...

Subjects: Math, Advanced Functions, High School

mytutor Tutored by mytutor

anatomy class

anatomy of the upper hand.

Subjects: Medicine, Nursing,


Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Many people believe they can be a social media marketer simply because they host their own personal Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But, wh...

Subjects: Social Media, Digital Media, Marketing, Optimization, Seo, Strategy, Communications, Public Relations

Lmmendo Tutored by Lmmendo

IELTS Training

Posing questions to students to help them prepare for their IELTS examinations. They will also watch interesting English movies to improve t...

Subjects: English As A Second Language

Nikkierikkie Tutored by Nikkierikkie

Essay Writing for LPI

We'll be discussing how to approach LPI essays successfully. Come with an open mind and be ready to see your writing change so that you ...

Subjects: Writing, English, Essay, Research

TheEnglishExpert Tutored by TheEnglishExper

Scratch Programming for Kids

Intro to Computer Science for kids (Grade 5 to Grade 8) I'll be teaching a programming language called "Scratch" which is d...

Subjects: Computer Science

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Subjects: Testing

Sabiha_Alam_Choudhury Tutored by Sabiha_Alam_Cho

Test group


Subjects: Calculus

jensyr83 Tutored by jensyr83

Acid Base Equilibrium

I have come across argument from so many students regarding this topic so I would like to create session on it.

Subjects: Chemistry

rvadhvana Tutored by rvadhvana

Peripheral Nerve Injuries

So there are e types of nerve injuries such as Neuropraxia, Axonotmesis, and Neurotmesis along with this significance and regeneration of th...

Subjects: Pathology & Anatomy

rvadhvana Tutored by rvadhvana


I'm trying to figure out how group tutoring works.

Subjects: Testing.

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UBC Intro to Microeconomics EXAM CRASH COURSE

This is a crash course to UBC's Intro to Microeconomics course. We'll be covering all the basic topics likely to be found on the fin...

Subjects: Demand And Supply, Competitive Firms, Monopoly, Oligopoly, Taxes, Trade, Tariff, Quota, Externalities

Benphys10 Tutored by Benphys10

C++ Basics

his will cover basics of C++ - Objects and classes, constructor, Why C++, Features of C++, Creating classes and objects, Concepts of inherit...

Subjects: Computer, Programming, C++,

kumar55nishant Tutored by kumar55nishant

Ontario high school maths

please feel free to bring your difficulties related to high school maths , calculus.

Subjects: Maths, Trigonometry, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus Grade 12 Ontario

Bkhanna Tutored by Bkhanna

Introduction to STATA

A formal introduction to notation and rudimentary skills in the data/statistical analysis software program STATA. Attendees will need access...

Subjects: Statistics, Statistical Analysis

Cameron_Fegers Tutored by Cameron_Fegers