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About me: I am an Electrical & Electronic Engineering graduate with specialisation in communications systems. I am currently a MASC student at UBC. I studied the British education board & gave my GCSEs & A-Levels and I have achieved all A stars and A. My subjects of expertise are mainly mathematics (all level: basics from primary to 2nd year undergrads: (general, pure, applied, statistics and mechanics), chemistry and EECE courses.I am very flexible & offer discounts!

Experience: I have been tutoring since 2008 and students have achieved excellent results under my tutorship. I have a friendly approach & guide my tutees to the best way possible. I have worked in various learning centres in UK & Saudi Arabia. I also lectured in high schools in London, UK where I taught Chemistry & Maths. I am registered with Tutor Doctor in London, UK who has recommended me to Canada's Tutor Doctor. I believe teaching is an art & not a skill; I am confident to teach any student!

GROUP TUTORING: 2 students can pay $50/hr and I encourage two hours. So each student pays $50 for two hours!

University of British Columbia 2205 Lower Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada


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