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Latest questions from students

Through out the course

I already took STAB52 in my first semester of my first year, although i passed the course, my understanding of it is not the greatest. I am ...

4 Answers Budget: $20 Deadline: Recurring sessions Subjects: STAB52 Introduction to Probability, STAB57 Introduction to Statistics

I need help with my Psychology research paper (2 IVs and 1 DP)

It is a 15 page APA research paper. Clear instructions will be given. The topic will be studying recall ability in children depending on age...

6 Answers Budget: $100 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Psychology, Research Paper Writing, Introduction to Research Methods, Introduction to Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences PSY 360, Research Methods, Science, Essay Writing, College Essays

Summer course at York University Math 1014

Got 19 % midtem...

4 Answers Budget: $31 Deadline: Recurring sessions Subjects: Calculus 2

I have a couple of questions that I need help with regarding research methods (t tests and stuff). Amount I am willing pay is flexible so please let me know!

Some examples: 3. The formula for a z test shares some common features with the formulas for both independent and dependant samples t-test. ...

6 Answers Budget: $50 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Research Methods, Psychology, Statistics, Science, Math

preparing for final

I am preparing for the stats 2244 final and in class assessments. I am looking for someone to tutor as much as possible....

6 Answers Budget: $60 Deadline: End of week Subjects: Introduction to Statistics and Probability

I am preparing for specialization in computer science

I need someone who can tutor me in UBC CPSC 11O AND CPSC 121....

1 Answers Budget: $10 Deadline: Recurring sessions Subjects: UBC CPSC 110 Computation Programs and Programming, UBC CPSC 121 Models of Computation

grammar check

view an instruction, do a grammar check on my proposal(4 pages)....

6 Answers Budget: $25 Deadline: Tomorrow Subjects: Business writing

Midterm and Weekly assignments

I have a midterm in 2 days (18th) and hope to connect with someone for an hour tomorrow. If all goes well I will need assistance with weekly...

6 Answers Budget: $60 Deadline: Tomorrow Subjects: Data Analysis and Statistics

SPSS assignment

I don't have the software, I need help...

4 Answers Budget: $40 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Using IBM SPSS Statistical Package for the Social Sciences

Thermodynamics Final Exam Prep

A lot of focus on cycles such as Carnot Cycle Rankine Cycle Vapour Cycle Gas Cycle Refrigeration...

2 Answers Budget: $10 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Thermodynamics

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