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Latest questions from students

Numerical Simulation using Matlab

Numerical Simulation using Matlab...

2 Answers Budget: $40 Deadline: Recurring sessions Subjects: Numerical Simulation using Matlab, Numerical Simulation using Matlab


Help with grade 10 advanced math...

5 Answers Budget: $10 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Advanced Math

Midterms in Quebec history and linear math

Need help for midterms...

5 Answers Budget: $30 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: History, Mathematics

Tuttee Review

I suggest tutor and tutee can write reviews for each other after the tutoring session....

1 Answers

Require an ongoing tutor (weekly) ECE231 u of t

I require an ongoing tutor (weekly for 2hrs per session)forECE231 u of t. To take place at Robarts Library...

1 Answers Budget: $30 Deadline: Recurring sessions Subjects: Electrical engineering, Electric Circuits

I am preparing a thematic analysis presentation on the movie Selma

I need to come up with a theme, as well as talk about it in general and how it is developed throughout out the film in different ways...

Budget: $10 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: English


Need to know reaction mechanisms for various compounds....

2 Answers Budget: $1 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Organic Chemistry

I am preparing for a midterm exam

I have 5 questions about American history. 1. Why was a strong infrastructure in the context of American expansion to 1909 important? 2. A...

2 Answers Budget: $15 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: American History

I'm doing a java project at BCIT

I'm currently taking an Applied Software Development at BCIT and have problem with projects, regarding coding with Eclipse....

2 Answers Budget: $100 Deadline: Tomorrow Subjects: Java

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