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Latest questions from students

I need help with MAth 208 course

I need help passing my retake course...

3 Answers Budget: $40 Deadline: End of week Subjects: Need a Math tutor asap, Need a Math tutor asap

Review Ochem basics

Hi there, I am in need of some 1 on 1 Ochem tutoring in the context of Biochemistry, I only have a few questions dealing with the basics of ...

1 Answers Budget: $60 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: CHEM213, CHEM213

3BB4 Multithreading/CLTSA or 3GC3(Computer Graphics)

Looking for someone to answer a few or many questions about these particular courses, I have exams in a couple days. Thanks...

Subjects: Software engineering

AP Physics C

Electricity and Magnetism...

1 Answers Budget: $10 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: AP Physics C, High School Physics AP Physics C

IB2 spanish

Trying to find a tutor for my son who is studying IB2 spanish independently but must write the spanish exam in the spring and has required ...

1 Answers Budget: $60 Deadline: End of week Subjects: IB2 Spanish, IB2 Spanish

Essay summary on sound/philosophy

Need help summarising a 24pg essay on sound/philosophy in terms a novice could understand in order to be able to do a presentation....

3 Answers Budget: $50 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Sound, Philosophy

Calculus in polar coordinates, parametric curves, integrals

I have some questions regarding the following topics: Calculus in polar coordinates, parametric curves, integrals....

3 Answers Budget: $100 Deadline: Next two weeeks Subjects: MATH 1014 Applied Calculus II

Close reading of Eusebius's "On the Conversion of Constantine" and "Bhagavad-Gita"

I have written an essay on analyzing these two texts and would like to get help on revision and citation....

1 Answers Subjects: Essay, English, History, Religious study

arcGIS 10.1

The lesson says to save as in the Tutorial 1-1.mxd to chapter 1 folder of My Exercises but I keep getting a message that it is not allowed. ...

Math textbook


1 Answers Budget: $53 Deadline: ASAP Subjects: Basic Math

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