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Zachary M.

About me: I'm originally from Texas, and now live in Portland, Oregon. I love Portland. It is a beautiful city that has the best of both urban and small town life.

I'm passionate about sustainability, the built environment, and community development. I spend a lot of time thinking about and contributing to projects looking to make the world big enough for us all.

For fun, I like reading science fiction, dancing, and making up silly stories with my girlfriend.

Experience: I have over a decade of tutoring experience. While at Harvard, studying Psychology & Philosophy, I helped students in high school and those just entering college grapple with subjects ranging from English Grammar and Literature Essay Writing, to Biology, Political Science and Government, Psychology, and understanding Scientific Principles and Methodologies. In 2010, I started tutoring online so I could offer my services to a broader, global audience.

My focus as a tutor is to help students develop the capabilities necessary for exemplary academic achievement and success in work and life. I do this by taking a student-centered educational approach to tutoring. Student centered educational experiences are designed to encourage and help students to take learning into their own hands. These approaches put student’s needs above all others. Placing the focus on the student requires me to be able to determine and adapt to students’ interests, learning styles, motivations, and backgrounds. These approaches also require me, as a tutor, to act as a facilitator, treating students as active, collaborating participants in the learning process, rather than passive recipients. Or, in other words, rather than teaching students what they should know, I teach skills they can use to learn on their own.

I am able to tutor students all the way from K-12 to Graduate school in a wide range of subjects ranging that include: English, Essay Writing, Reading Basic Math, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Resume Writing, Research Papers, Biology, Science, Grammar and Mechanics, Internet Navigation, Art History, Literature, and Microsoft Word, Excel, and Office.

While tutoring at, I've maintained an average student rating of 4.63 out of 5.

Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Reed College, Portland State University, University of Texas at Austin Portland, OR, United States

I tutor: 1Psychology Sociology Ancient Philosophy Political Science History 1Philosophy 1Writing 2Essay Writing Creative Writing Academic Writing 1ESL speaking and writing 1Proofreading Pronunciation Humanities Test Prep 1English 1Reading Literature English literature Political Science Political Philosophy Sociocultural Anthropology Essay Proofreading Editing Education 2Essay Reviewing Editing 1Editing 2Essay Reviewing Editing Copy editing Humanities 2Essay Writing College Essays Biology High School Biology Philosophy 101 Existentialism Continental Philosophy 1Essay Writing College Level College Admissions Communication Communication Skills in English Communications Reading Comprehension English Literature and composition English as a Second Language 2English Grammar English literature English as a Second Language English 12 General Psychology Introduction to Psychology PSYC 1010 Abnormal Psychology Social Psychology SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology Sociology Sociology general SA 150 Intro to Sociology Science Basic Science Philosophy of Religion Philosophy of Language Philosophy of Science Philosophy of Law History High School English World History World Religions World Literature AP World History 20th Century World History English 225 20th Century Poetry History of 20th cent America LIT 370 372 374 375 Topics in Ancient Lit Early Modern Lit 19th Century Lit 20th C Film and Theater Film Studies Intro to Film Studies Humanities 440 Esalen and the Human Potential Movement Humanities Human Anatomy and Physiology Organizational Behaviour Organizational Skills Organizational Policy Ethics Introduction to Ethics Moral Philosophy Ethics Moral Philosophy Philosophy Applied Ethics POLI 373 Ethics in International Relations PHIL 321 Moral Issues Theory Introduction to Moral Philosophy PHIL 120 Philosophy Confronting Moral Issues Introduction to Ethics 1110 PHIL 321 Moral Issues Theory International Relations International Business Introduction to International Relations Sustainable Urbanism PUP 565 Sustainable Urbanism PUP 565 Child development Developmental Psychology Developmental Psychology PSYCH 211 Developmental Biology BIOL 303 Developmental Psychology Developmental Psychology PSYCH 211 Developmental Psychology Laboratory PSYC26H3 Developmental Psychology PSYCH 240 PSYC 3342 Developmental Psychopathology Childhood Psychopathology Ecology Genetics and Evolution BIOL 121 Ecology Fundamentals of Ecology BIOL 230 304 BIO120 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology I Evolutionary Psychology evolutionary anthropology 1ESL speaking and writing 1ESL ESL Conversational English English Pronunciation ESL ESL teaching Fundamentals of Grammar for ESL Teachers 1Grammar 2English Grammar University Admissions English University College level University English Elementary Education Early childhood education Educational Psychology PSYC 2207 Educational Psychology

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