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About me: UBC life science graduate with 5+ years of tutoring experience. Unique teaching methods. Bilingual in English and Mandarin!Fully prepared before every tutoring session! I do your problem sets, practice exam questions, tutorial questions (practice questions only, NO assignment help!) before every tutorial session!! Write down everything on a piece of paper during tutoring session!
Only tutor students online!

Experience: Numerous past exams available!
Have tutored a lot of versions of science and English textbooks (including both Chinese and English versions).
Teach learning strategies.
Teach math, physics and chemistry by using models. After studied one question with model, you will know how to solve a specific type of questions by using that model.
Illustrate biology concepts by using videos and pictures. Think biology as a process; do not just memorize sentences in the textbook.
Teach English by using grammar and writing textbooks. Give detail feedback on every single essays. Not just proofread!

University of British Columbia Richmond Freeway, Richmond, BC, Canada


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