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About me: I'm a writing & English teacher / editor with 30 years experience. I'm also an active editor & member with the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA). I work with all ages and grades.

I can help you with your editing & writing needs in all university arts subjects (essays & dissertations), English, ESL, proofreading, & speeches.

I can also show you how to analyze & write about readings; compose research essays; polish grammar, style, & vocabulary; write & design resumes; improve pronunciation & speaking; and excel at most test prep & exams, LPI, and grade 10-12 English BC Provincial Exams.

Experience: I'm a native English speaker with a Bachelor's degree in English, a diploma in TESOL linguistics, and a certificate in publishing (editing & graphic design). I provide excellence in teaching and editing to help you get the highest grades.

Note: My hourly editing fees may vary depending on how much notice you provide & how involved the editing is. The shorter the notice, the higher the fee. If your writing needs many changes, it may also cost you more to have me edit. Editing fees range from $30 - $80/hr.

Note: I don't work for free. I work ONLINE ONLY by video, phone, & email. Ask me how.

Simon Fraser University, Langara College Masset, British Columbia, Canada

I tutor: English 100 Reading and Writing about Literature English 110 Approaches to Literature English 111 1English 112 English 1127 English 1128 English 121 English 120 English 101 102 English 202 English literature English Grammar English as a Second Language English Literature and composition English 211 210 304 329 340 348 492 470 English 12 English 11 English 10 English 9 English 8 High School English Elementary school language arts 1University English 1Rhetoric and Communication Visual Rhetoric Communication Histories of Rhetoric ENGL 494 1Research Essay Rhetoric CEAP 250 English Grammar English as a Second Language English literature English English 12 English 11 English 10 English 9 10 11 and 12 English 12 English 11 English 10 English 9 English 8 2Essay Writing 2Essay Proofreading Editing essays 1College Essays 2Essay Reviewing Editing English Essay Composition 1Writing 2Essay Writing Creative Writing 1Academic Writing ESL speaking and writing narrative writing 3Research Paper Writing Persuasive Essay 1Persuasive writing English Grammar Grammar Pronunciation English Pronunciation English Pronunciation ESL Reading 2Essay Proofreading Editing Reading Comprehension Elementary Reading High school reading Essay Writing College Level College Reading sentence style LPI LPI essay English IELTS TOEFL IELTS Writing IELTS Reading IELTS Speaking IELTS Listening TOEFL Writing TOEFL Exam Preperation Toefl BC Provincial Exam English English BC Provincial Exam Public Speaking COMM 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking Preparing a manuscript or thesis for publication 2Essay Proofreading Editing 2Essay Reviewing Editing 1Editing Copy editing Substantive Editing Stylistic Editing English All Levels Currently Tutoring Students Assignment Writing Currently Tutoring Students 1Research Essay Rhetoric CEAP 250 Communication Skills in English Business Writing 3Research Paper Writing 2research essay Communications Introduction to Linguistics LING 100 Principles of Linguistics for Teachers TESL 402 Linguistics TESOL TEFL TESOL TESOL Linguistics English Drama and the Novel English Poetry and Short Fiction ENGL 374 Studies in the Short Story Short Story Writing short story analysis ENGL 3336 The Victorian Novel graphic novel literature novel study and analysis Writing about Poetry Poetry essay novel essay short story essay Grammar for beginners Grammar for intermediate level Grammar for advanced level Grammar for essay writing Grammar for IELTS Grammar for LPI

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