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About me: Hello!
It is very nice to meet you and I look forward to assisting you on your academic journey! During my undergraduate studies, I dual majored in biophysics and linguistics (specializing in Arabic) at the University of California San Diego. I currently work as an instructor and tutor. I work with all areas of STEM, teach and tutor in several languages, humanities, and test prep (MCAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, AP, etc). I love helping people learn thoroughly and comfortably. Currently, I am boning up and expanding on my computer science knowledge & creating a student MCAT self-study program using edx.

Experience: I have worked as a tutor and language professor for over a decade. As for my language training, I hold a B.A. in Linguistics and can tutor in almost any field of linguistics. Linguistics is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it and I really enjoy breaking down such problems and getting students to reach the "ah-ha!" moment.

I am also a certified language instructor and teach various languages in private, academic, and professional settings. I am additionally ESL certified with specialization in academic, business, and medical English. I currently offer a course specifically on slang and colloquial American English.

For STEM areas, I have been a teacher for over a decade in all levels of math (grade school through university) as well as all sciences (All levels of Chem, Physics, Bio, Earth Sciences, etc). I have worked as a University TA for multiple physics courses, math (Algebra, all Calc levels, Statistics), Gen Chem, O Chem, P Chem, Gen Bio, Genetics, Microbio, Evol Bio, Biostats, and others.

I also tutor history (World, MESA, Asia) as well as all areas of Poli Sci (with special focus on MESA). Finally, I tutor all branches of psychology and sociology- especially when they interact with the realm of bio- and Literature (English, Greek, Ancient Middle Eastern).

I worked in a University Writing Center during my college career, focusing on essay development and writing, editing and proofreading, technical documents, resume building, personal statements, and scholarship/grant essays.
I also work heavily with test prep (MCAT, GRE, AP, SAT, ACT, and English language tests).

I am very flexible, fun, and love to explain things in many ways until everything is clear and the student has comfortable ownership of the material.
Hope to hear from you soon! Cheers

University of California San Diego San Diego, CA, United States


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