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Sophie W. McMaster-Certified Tutor

About me: I am in Biology & Pharmacology Program of McMaster University. I am an outgoing person and very patient. I have very specific learning skills which make you easy to understand the content of the courses. I am very willing to share my previous experience (both in study and life) with you! My strong academic achievement and the multi-cultural background will give you an open learning environment. Providing students the most effective skills to solve problems is my goal. Join me and improve your skills from today! :) Fun facts: I can solve the Rubik's cube within 2 minutes

Experience: - Physics and Biology Teaching Assistant (Grade 12) • Assisted in solving Physics and Biology homework questions of Grade 10 to 12 • Prepared tutorial materials and helped students solve problems during the exam period - Conference Assistant of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) (May 2014) • Supplied services as a meeting assistant such as printing files, acted as a tour- guiding, providing information and greeting delegates to the official reception • Provided Russian, English and Mandarin interpretation for delegates and participants

McMaster University Tutoring Hamilton, ON, Canada


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