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Saif S.

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C++: "I have been working with him regularly... Before that I had no C++ experience. He has pretty much single handedly taught me everything I know. We've worked through about 10 chapters of material, everything from data types & input/output to control flow, functions, classes, vectors, arrays, pointers, inheritance, streams, and recursion. He offers a lot of great advice as well as references that I can use offline..."

Java: "Saif was very thorough and helpful in the explanation of the code I was trying to write, if I could, I would replace my college professor with him!..."

Experience: Ever since my school days, I have always had some form of teaching which I've done with my peer group - helping with the homework, revision etc. Even during my Masters spending long hours of night cracking the code and giving a helping hand with the problems other people got.

So to summarize, I've been tutoring C++ and Java programming languages for 2 years! Also I have a Masters degree in Computer Science from the prestigious University of Manchester, UK.

I have also helped students with Mathematics - arithmetic, trigonometry etc.

University of Manchester, UK Delhi, India

My disciplines: Programming Math 7Java Python C

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