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About me: I just graduated (Summer 2014) from University of Toronto (St. George) receiving a bachelor's degree with a Major in Cinema Studies and Minors in French and Spanish.

I am extremely passionate about languages. I think french grammar is extremely fun and not only easy to learn but I have a great way to teach it so people also become enthusiastic as well.

I hope to share the love I have for not only the french language but languages in general. I think it is such an amazing feeling to be able to communicate with people around the world!

Experience: I was in the french immersion program since grade 1 and continued through grade 12. From grades 2-5 I went to a private french school in Tehran, Iran where we were taught by native french teachers. Because of my love for languages I started Spanish in grade 9 through grade 12. In university I continued both french and spanish as my minors and took italian and portuguese. I have tutored many people in my classes who had problems with grammar in the various languages. I also taught a friend of mine who had no previous knowledge in french the language and she was learning very well. I am extremely enthusiastic and love to help people!

University of Toronto Richmond Hill, Toronto, ON, Canada


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