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Ashutosh S.

About me: I am a UBC graduate with a B.Sc. integrating Human Physiology and Pharmacology.

I like to focus on explaining concepts and using examples to help students build a strong understanding of underlying key points. Following this, we explore various cases and question types to practice and make sure you can answer questions without me during test time!

Experience: 3 years experience as an AMS tutoring supervisor at UBC, taught:
- 1st year physics
- 1st and 2nd year chemistry
- 1st and 2nd year biology
- 1st year math

2 years experience as a Science Peer Academic Coach

5 years experience as a private tutor in high school math

Despite my specialization in health sciences, I have studied higher level
- quantum mechanics and relativity
- astrophysics
- organic chemistry
- physical chemistry

I am able to help with lab reports and research writing as well as I have several published research papers.

University of British Columbia, UBC Alma Mater Society Vancouver, BC, Canada


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