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Mina L.

About me: I am a second year Electrical and biomedical Engineering student at Mcmaster University.

I have many hobbies including painting , playing soccer, 3D-design as well as a genuine interest in programming and the development of technology.

Experience: I have been coding since grade 10 which helped me a lot when getting to use different coding languages

I have had the chance to work and use :

python for over 2 years:

- used it to make platforming and adventure games.Also used it to solve mathematical and real world problems much like the type given in 1D04. Also have a good understanding of the methods of recursion.

Action script 3.0 language:

- used to make flash games

Visual basic 6.0 :
- made a lunch card program using student cards and ids

McMaster University Tutoring Hamilton, ON, Canada

My disciplines: Programming Matlab Java Python C
I tutor: ENGINEER 1D04

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