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About me: I'm a writer with an M.A. in English (2017) from McGill University.

Let me help you with:

1) English (especially editing)
2) Psychology
3) Korean-to-English translations
4) GRE Verbal/Analytical Writing

You'll find the results speak for themselves.

Experience: 1) English: I have an M.A. in English from McGill. I also studied English (3.7+) at the University of Toronto. I was also an editor/writer for UT publications.

2) Psychology: I was a Psychology Specialist Major (3.7+ Major average) at the University of Toronto. I also authored/edited papers for the undergrad psych journal.

3) Korean-to-English translation: I worked on professional and academic translations as a Freelance Translator at Cactus Communications for a year.

4) GRE Verbal/Analytical Writing: I scored 162/170 (90th percentile) in Verbal and 6.0/6.0 (99th percentile) in Analytical.

University of Toronto, McGill University


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