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Arthur M. McMaster-Certified Tutor MES Tutor

About me: Hi!
My name is Arthur and I am a 4th year in the Engineering Physics and Management program. I am passionate about both physics and mathematics.

I focus on giving as many different approaches to the same problem and draw analogies from previous concepts to new ones given my own experience.

Some other things about me include my love for music (especially guitar) and a healthy lifestyle (good sleep and a good workout!).

Experience: I started by helping 9th and 10th graders with their math classes so to ease the shock of moving into high school.

I've tutored with the MES for a year now. I focus on some of the more challenging courses in Mac Eng level 1 (namely the Physics and Math courses). I've also had a chance to help people in LifeSci and Economics with their respective Math courses.

I also provide guitar lessons to students as part of the McMaster Guitar Club.

McMaster University Tutoring Hamilton, ON, Canada


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