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About me: Hello! I'm a current student in my last year at The George Washington University, and am majoring English and archaeology, with a minor in philosophy. I enjoy history and science, as well as reading and writing. My favorite authors are William Shakespeare and Ernest Hemingway, and I love Greek/Roman archaeology. I spent most of last summer on an excavation in the Middle East, I love traveling, and am originally from Philadelphia. I look forward to meeting you!

Experience: English Lit: I am a student in the GWU Honors English program with a wide-ranging literary background. My thesis topic is related to Shakespeare's work, but I've helped and taught students in everything from Romantic era poetry to contemporary fiction.
English Comp: I am a teaching assistant with the GWU Biology Department. My job is to help students who struggle with writing essays and other projects improve their writing skills and produce smoother, cleaner work. I have also worked as a journalist, and can help students tailor their writing for journalism/media as well.

The George Washington University Washington, DC


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