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Manpreet B.

About me: I'm a first year medical student at the University of Toronto. I graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Life Sciences and minor in Economics. I have a passion for Math, Science, and learning itself. In my spare time, I play sports (mainly Soccer), read non-fiction books, watch documentaries, and hang out with my friends.

Experience: I've been tutoring for over 5 years with some well-known tutoring companies around the world. My experience spans companies such as Kumon Inc., Tutor Doctor, and Tutor Bright.

I, myself, used to struggle a lot in elementary school and was tutored extensively. I now want to help other students overcome their struggles and over the years, I've developed the ability to pinpoint exactly where a student needs to change their thinking or problem solving skills to become successful.

I have helped students improve their grades by as much as 20%.

McMaster University, University of Toronto Brampton, ON, Canada


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