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About me: Hi my name is Joe, I am currently in the last year of my Bio-Chemistry degree. I like learning new topics and often use different learning techniques in my studies. I know no two people learn in the same manner which is why I work with students to best asses their learning needs and create a teaching path around them, ensuring they have the best opportunity to succeed.

Experience: I have been tutoring for 4+ years, mostly in person and have found a number of success. Those students that are eager to learn will learn, it doesn't matter if the student finds the subject matter difficult. Finding the right teaching method that works ensures the best opportunity for the students' academic success in their current studies and future pursuits.
I have taught Grade 8 - 12 in Math and Sciences as well some university level courses. I still tutor some of my older students in university on occasion as they need it. Equipping students with the proper skills ensures their success.

University of the Fraser Valley Surrey, BC, Canada


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