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About me: Since my major is physics from undergraduate to phd, my preferred tutoring subjects include high school and undergraduate math and physics courses, as well as some basic programming courses like python and C/C++.

I have a great passion on teaching and very enjoy the process of teaching and communicating with students. I am of great happiness and proud of my students who got improved through my help.

I can also provide some help on assignments, homeworks, exams, projects, presentations, analysis and comprehension of materials.

Experience: - Physics Ph.D. student, University of Toronto
- Master of Physics, University of Toronto
- Bachelor of Physics, University of Science and Technology of China
- GPA: 3.9/4.0
- Ranked top 0.1% in National University Entrance Exam (China)
- Teaching Assistant Training Program (UofT)
- More than 7 years for privately tutoring for high school and undergraduate students
- 4 years for official physics tutorial teaching assistant (TA) for totally 250+ undergraduate students

University of Toronto Toronto


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