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About me: I'm a premium level tutor. If you want to get A+s in your classes and you are willing to listen to me and do the work, i'm the tutor you are looking for. If you've not been doing so well on your exams and need to change everything around, I can help you do that. There is one thing all of my students agree on and that is, my sessions are worth the money they pay me.

My qualities in my tutoring sessions:
-Pretty friendly and great in communicating the information
-Respectful and patient
-Willing to do extra work for my students success
-Speak English and Farsi
-offer discount on tutoring rates

Experience: -Honoured to TA EOSC 114 for two semesters and received the average rating of 3.5 out 4 from the 200 students at the end of the semesters.
-I'm one of the TAs whom my EOSC instructors trust to send their students to when they need tutoring.
-I'm the only bachelor student who is TAing EOSC 114 and 118, which is usually offered to master or PhD students.
-Currently TAing EOSC 118.
-6 years of experience

$$$ offer 15$/hr discount on group tutoring sessions and 10$ discount on the sessions when you refer students to me$$$

University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC, Canada


$0.83 per minute.

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