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About me: I'm currently a UBC Biology garduate and I have TAed EOSC 114 for two semesters and TAing EOSC 118 right now. My EOSC instructors have suggested me to open an account here so I can help more students to succeed in their classes. I've got A+s in all of the fields I'm offering tutoring for and I have 6 years of experience in tutoring.

My qualities in my tutoring sessions:
-Pretty friendly and great in communicating the information
-Respectful and patient
-Willing to do extra work for my students success
-Speak English and Farsi
-Testing my students understanding of the materials while teaching

Experience: -Honoured to TA EOSC 114 for two semesters and received the average rating of 3.5 out 4 from the 200 students at the end of the semesters.
-I'm one of the TAs whom my EOSC instructors trust to send their students to when they need tutoring.
example: Dr. Ver asked me to tutor a student who was preparing for his EOSC 114 final exam. The student's mark improved significantly relative to his quiz marks according to the instructor.
-I'm the only bachelor student who is TAing EOSC 114 and 118, which is usually offered to master or PhD students.
-Currently TAing EOSC 118.
-6 years of experience

University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC, Canada


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