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Herman K.

About me: I am a 4th year student at UBC, majoring in Integrated Sciences in Physiology and Microbiology. I did really well in first year physics and chemistry and second year biology and biochemistry, so if you are struggling in these courses I can help you. I also do drop-in tutoring through the AMS.

Experience: I have taken the 1st year science prerequisite courses in physics, chemistry and biology, excelling at physics more than the others. In my later years I mainly took courses in the biological sciences on topic such as biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, anatomy and physiology. I have also previously tutored high school physics and mathematics and currently work as a tutor for AMS Tutoring at UBC. My approach consists of guiding students through their problems, concentrating on strengthening weak points so that they are better prepared for their exams.

UBC Alma Mater Society Vancouver, BC, Canada


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