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About me: Hi! My name is Gale and I'm a recent graduate of Doctor of Pharmacy and I would like to offer my help to students. Ask me anything related to pharmacy and I'll try my best to answer. If I don't know anything about a certain topic, then we'll work on it together. Sounds good? :)

Experience: I have a total of 6 years of studying to get my degree (Pharm.D.) and I tutored 3 kids ages 8, 9, and 11 on Math, Science, English, and Christian Living about 2 years ago. I also did some tutoring in a tutorial club in my college.

On another aspect, I love music and I have been playing the piano since I was a kid. Yoga is also another thing that I am good at. :)

University of Santo Tomas, Centro Escolar University Seattle, WA, United States


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