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About me: My background is in natural resource management with focus in wildlife ecology and GIS analysis.

I just recently finished mat leave from my job as a GIS Analyst and am choosing to do contract work instead of returning to work full-time. That means that I can be available to help you with quick questions throughout the day, and available for tutoring anytime after 2 pm.

I can share my experience with GIS and related topics such as Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis, Database, and Python programming. I can also help you with fisheries and wildlife subjects such as management planning.

Experience: Currently on mat leave from GIS Analyst for AMEC, a large consulting firm. I complete analysis and create report figures for large-scale environmental assessments.

I have expert ArcGIS knowledge, including vector and raster analysis, ModelBuilder, Python, data sources, and cartography, as well as GIS theory. I have a BSc from UBC(in Natural Resource Management) and technical diploma from BCIT(in GIS). I know what it takes to succeed in both academics and practical situations and would love to share my experience to help you with your studies.

UBC, BCIT Victoria, BC, Canada


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