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Yasmina C.

About me: I'm a creative writing student in university, but I've taken a variety of subjects. I used to be a language major in college (Spanish, German and Mandarin) and also had courses about basics linguistics. I can't remember much about the latter, though.

As a creative writing student, I can focus on grammar/spelling in English, as well as vocabulary enhancing & help to write clear and interesting papers. I'm also fluent in French, but am more comfortable speaking than with writing. I can help with pronunciation.

As for gender/film studies, both are main hobbies of mine; I can help with basics.

Experience: I've never tutored officially, but I've met a lot of exchange students (for friendship mainly) and helped them improve their English/French. They were usually either Korean or Japanese. After one year, for the ones who really saw me often, there was amazing improvement.

Besides that, as a student, people tend to come to me for help in our various courses -- somehow people think the way I explain is clear and helpful. I'm also good at encouragement.

My Dawson College, Concordia University Montreal, Platon College, Canada College Montreal, Quebec


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