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About me: I am a competent and experienced tutor well-versed in various disciplines and divergent formatting styles that encompass APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. My goal is to help you excel in your studies, I am committed to submitting high-quality work to my clients free from grammar errors and Plagiarism. I have experience in Business, biology, chemistry, finance, accounting, sociology,History, Political science, psychology, medicine, healthcare and other fields.Please feel free to message me anytime you need help.The rate per hour/ page is NEGOTIABLE

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Experience: Since 2010, I have been assisting students with their midterms, finals, term papers and other assignments. I have handled Numerous tasks and assignments in business, ACCOUNTING, STATISTICS, sociology, management, healthcare, and other subjects. Besides, I have been a part-time lecturer at the faculty of sciences and Business at the Baruch M College, the Stanford University, CA. I have successfully completed Bachelor's degree in business and Master of Business Administration from the University of California.

The Baruch M college, University of California Davis, University of Waterloo, Durham College

I tutor: 4business 4Finance 2Nursing 2Human Resource Management 4English as a second language 3Sociology 5Health and Medicine 10Proofreading 3Data Analysis and Statistics 2Greek Mythology 2Classical Greek Mythology 2Ancient History Greek and Roman 2Ancient Greek 2General Psychology PSYCH 101 5Research Methods 6Research Paper Writing 2Psychology 2Leadership 2Principles and Processes of Educational Leadership 2English 2550 17English 2Biology 1201A 1202B General Biology 2ECON 101 Introduction to Microeconomics 5Economics 2World War one and two History 2World War I and II History 5World History 4Philosophy 2Philosophical Texts PHILOS 1A03 2Philosophical arguments 4Biology Introduction to Psychology as a Natural Science PSYC 1101 2ECON 101 Introduction to Microeconomics BUS312 Introduction to Finance 3Financial Accounting 4Marketing 4Sales 2Administration 2BSAD 101 Business Administration Intro 5business and strategic management Organizational Behaviour 2BSAD 101 Business Administration Intro 4Sales 2WMST 101 Gender Race Sexuality and Social Justice 2Gender Studies 8Writing 2Academic Writing WRIT 2 ENG 100 ENG 110 4Academic Writing 1English Academic Reading and Writing 4College Essays 6Essay Writing 6Essay Proofreading Editing 4Essay Reviewing Editing 2Education SOCIOL 1A06 3Sociology 4Literature 1English literature 4English as a second language 4English Grammar 2English Composition 4Creative Writing 1Anthropology 1Sociocultural Anthropology Anthropology 101 2SPSS 3Statistics SPSS Using SPSS 2Minitab and SPSS STATA SPSS STATA Storming the Reality Studio 098 17English 2Management 2Marketing Management 2Introduction to Project Management MGT5164 2Human Resource Management BADM 302 2Human Resources 4Humanities ECO349H1 Money Banking and Financial Markets Economics of Money Banking ECON 3371 4English as a second language World Religions Intro to World Religions HUM 1180 C02 3Data Analysis and Statistics Social Work Community Social Work SWRK 240 Intro to Social Work Social Welfare Introductory Social Work SOCWORK 1A06 Social Work SOWK 3453 SOWK 2813 Social Work 2010 Social Psychology PSY220H1 Social Media PSYCH 353 Social Cognition Social Cognition APA Style APA style research papers 2MLA Citation and formatting 2MLA 2CHICAGO citation 2Dissertations 2Phd Masters Thesis 2TOEFL IELTS Proofreading Thesis Proposals Essays Papers and More ENGL 206 Prerequis 2Business Proposals Proposal Writing 2Proposals Test exam preparation completion of homework assignments projects reports or presentat 4College Essays 2Essay Writing College Level 2Microsoft powerpoint 2Designing Professional Powerpoint Presentations 3Essay Proofreading Editing 3English Essay writing proofreading 3Essay Proofreading and Editing 10Proofreading 2ESL speaking and writing 4Creative Writing 4Academic Writing Online learning Online Tests 3Financial Accounting 3Accounting Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting Research and Case studies 3Data Analysis and Statistics Data Analysis and Statistics Probability and Statistics Biostatistics R SPSS Data Analysis and Statistics STAT 1000 Introduction to Statistics and Probability

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