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About me: I have P.h.d degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am professional at the follow subjects:

1. Calculus & linear algebra: derivative, integral, matrix computation

2. Probability & statistics: random variables, probability distribution

3. Signal processing: parameter detection and inference, image/array/video processing

4. Computer programming: C++/C, Java, Python, Matlab

5. Computing theory: data structure, algorithm design

6. Machine learning: LDA, SVM, logistic/linear regression, deep learning

7. Finance: portfolio management, business math


The reasons that you choose me:

(1) 10+ years tutoring and Canadian teaching assistant experience

(2) Phd degree with solid knowledge

(3) professional online tutoring tools (draw graphic tablet)


(1) Nominee of GSA Keith Leppmann Teaching Assistant Excellence Award (McMaster University), 2013

(2) International Excellent Student Scholarship (McMaster University), 2012

My favorite way to learn: active learning & note taking & enough excises

My favorite way to teach: concept explanation & exampled based teaching

McMaster University, McGill University

I tutor: 3Linear Algebra 4Calculus 3Digital Signal Processing Digital Communications 4Probability Linear System 2Signal processing Calculus 1 Calculus 2 1Calculus 3 1Calculus and Vectors 12 MCV4U 1Calculus and Vectors MCV4U Ontario 1CSC108 Intro to Computer Programming Python Programming 1 Computer Programming C COMP 3512 MATLAB ENG 6 1MATLAB 101 4MATLAB Programming 8Algorithms and Data Structures 1Data Analysis and Statistics 3Data Structures 4Algorithms 1CPSC 221 Basic Algorithms and Data Structures 8Algorithms and Data Structures UBC CPSC 221 Basic Algorithms and Data Structures 1Algorithms COMP 3760 2Linear Algebra SFU Math 232 Math 240 UBC Math 152 Math 221 Math 223 Math 307 UBC Linear Algebra Math 221 152 3Digital Signal Processing 1Random Signal Analysis EEE 350 1Introduction to Statistics and Probability 4Probability 2Probability Theory and Stochastic Process 3Probability and Statistics 1Probability MATH 323 1Machine Learning 2UBC Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence CPSC 322 340 540 SFU CPSC 726 Machine Learning 1Data Mining Statistics Numerical Analysis Linear Programming Optimization Machine learni MATH 340 UBC Introduction to Linear Programming 3Digital Signal Processing Digital Image Processing Advanced Functions Pre Calculus 1Java Programming 1C and C++ Programming 2Computer Progromming Python 1CSC108 Intro to Computer Programming Python Programming 1 UBC MATH 307 1Introduction to Statistics and Probability CSC148 More In Depth to Computer Programming Python Programming 2 Fundamental Programming CSC 110 CSC207 Software Design Java Programming 1 1Comp 652 Machine Learning Integral Calculus UBC math 101 math 105 math 103 2Linear Algebra SFU Math 232 Math 240 UBC Math 152 Math 221 Math 223 Math 307 Differential and Integral Calculus I Concordia MATH 203 Programming APS106 CSCA20 4Computer Science MATH 2015 Applied Multivariate and Vector Calculus 1CSC236 Intro to Theory Comp 3C++ Compressive sensing Compressed sensing hyper-spectral image processing 2pattern recognition 1Kalman filter 1Adaptive filter Sparse signal processing 1Stochastic systems Hidden Morkov Model Linear and nonlinear optimization 1Convex optimization 1Deep Learning Anomaly Detection Genetic Algos Machine Learning Deep Learning NeuralNets Data Analys

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