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Andy H. MES Tutor McMaster-Certified Tutor

About me: Simple changes to your study patterns can show how effective it is to "study smart" than to study hard

As a student, I can provide a lot to your learning experience. By overcoming academic obstacles, you can unlock a lot of free time and get a lot more involved in the community. Along with my help, we can create a simple routine to finishing work and implementing gradual learning ( rather than cramming everything in a few days before )

Experience: I have over 2 years of experience with tutoring, specifically in mathematical courses.

I am currently enrolled in the software engineering and management stream at Mcmaster University.

I have experience with various time management tools, note-taking and problem-solving strategies. On top of academic help, I can assist with finding appropriate resources on and off campus and managing studies effectively. I would love to help you succeed in your academics

McMaster University Tutoring, McMaster University Hamilton, ON, Canada


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