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About me: Hello! We are a tutoring company that aims to deliver quality tutoring services for those who require assistance in their education. Founded by Alex (Hon BSc. UofT St. George) since 2017, AlexNosMath! Tutoring Services has assisted numerous students in their academic journey. We will work with any student at ANY skill level and will not stop until the student understands the problem/concept. Please message us if you require our service. Thank you!

AlexNosMath! Tutoring Services

- Alex, Hon B.Sc. (UofT, Mathematics)


Former Tutor(s):
- Peter, Hon B.Sc. (UofG, Biology)

Experience: * Tutored siblings (all went to University)
* Helphub tutor since June 2017 (active)
* Online tutor since September 2017 (Using Skype and screenshare so students can hear and see what the tutor is doing. All notes are uploaded back to the students so that students can use them for studying material)
* UofT Accessibility Services Volunteer (2014-2016)

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